This tumblr page is for mangacaps, I post a wide variety of mangacaps. I DO TAKE REQUESTS OF ALL SORTS, SUCH AS MANGACAPS AND MANGACOLORING, I will also try and make template edits if requested. I will try my best to make those edits, the best templates I would be most comfortable using are from the welovetemplates tumblr page. But, anyway, THIS IS NOT A SPOILER-FREE BLOG. I hope you enjoy the caps! Sometimes from time-to-time, I post colored mangacaps. I'm still practicing! Hope you enjoy! THE IMAGE UP THERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF MY COLORED MANGACAPS.

R-i-n-k-u does accept requests!

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The younger brother Ashura reincarnated into you.

Cap Source: t-o-k-i-d-o-k-i

For a friend of mine.
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Anonymous: I love how you colour the caps! If you don't mind would you make a tutorial on how you colour them?

Actually have been on hiatus for quite some time now, once I’m up to it, I’ll make a tutorial on how I color mangacaps and whatnot.

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I feel like coloring some mangacaps!

If anyone has ANY requests go ahead and send ‘em in! Just tell me which manga, what chapter, page, and panel, I’ll clean it, and then color it!